Particle of God

Indie project is a role-playing game with elements of survival in the post-apocalypse world, with a real-time tactical combat system and an open world.

The Machine of the Gods

We act as an operator who received a signal about a failure in the operation of terraforming machines, this event led to a catastrophe and destroyed the existing world. The operator loads the particle protocol in emergency mode. In one of these machines, a particle (character) is born from an embryo. With the help of this particle, the player will explore the world and try to figure out what happened to the cars and fix the consequences of the disaster.

Particle Selection

Choose a character with a unique appearance and abilities.

Character Characteristics

Depending on the style of the game, we improve the abilities and characteristics of the character.


An open, completely seamless world full of wastelands, caves and settlements of warring factions. Explore it without being distracted by loading screens and borders.

Ruins of cities

A universe with a hot post-apocalypse spirit. An opportunity to visit the sandbox of an alternative reality and write your own story.

Local inhabitants

A living world sensitive to your actions. Not knowing what will happen next, you are deeply drawn into its atmosphere.


The “mortality” of the character gives you a keen sense of danger and teaches you to adapt to a new world.


There are new cities and settlements with their inhabitants in the new world.

Night by the campfire

It is really dark here, the change of the time of day creates the need to look for a place for a safe overnight stay.

Entrance to the cave

Each cave is fraught with danger, an amazing adventure and a reward.


To explore this world, you need to stock up on provisions and weapons.